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Lights, Camera, Awesome!

So what’s a Piracuda? Just a cool sounding portmanteau of piranha and barracuda. As for the collective brandishing the name… well, we’re just a couple of guys with creative eyes who have a knack for filming and taking pictures. We decided we’d use our talents to provide media services for those who want a nice, simple, straightforward solution for their video and photographic needs. With that, we endeavor to keep our services as hassle free and inexpensive as we can without compromising quality.

More about us

Event Filming

Whether it's a wedding you want captured for those special memories or a seminar you need recorded to reuse for training purposes, we got you covered.


You a model looking to build that excellent portfolio or maybe you just want some pictures of your party? We can do it in a snap. Pun intended.

Video Production

We can take your event footage and create some cinematic excellence, or maybe produce your next music video or short film.

Find our more about our services.