About Me

Who I Am

I’m just a freelancer who enjoys the art of creativity.
In trying to monetize my skills I realized the many obstacles start-ups and small businesses face when trying to develop themselves. For this reason I decided to turn my passion into cost-effective, high quality services that can help these businesses get themselves to the next level.

How I Work

You give me your requests and I let you know if and how I can fulfill them. It’s that simple. By no means do I profess to be a master of everything so if you want something that is out of my remit, I will either out-source some of the work or redirect you altogether to someone who can better provide what you’re after. I try to be very straightforward and transparent and expect you to be as well. That being said I also like to have an idea of your budget, so I know how I can help and maybe even help save you some money.

What I Do

Responsive Web Design

Digital Illustration

Film/Post Editing
Sound Design

Digital Marketing
Social Media