When the New Year arrives we often focus on setting new goals in areas of our lives such as love, health, and wealth. The novelty of New Year’s often leads us to make general goals instead of focussing on niche areas in our lives which lead to general impact.

Let’s take technology for example, this is an area which impacts all of our everyday lives so it’s definitely worth making effective changes. As we are well in to the beginning of 2019 now is the perfect time to focus on tech etiquette and adopt new routines.

  1. Limit your use of social media

Social media is a great tool for staying connected – but ironically an even better tool for being disconnected. Try to spend more time being present with what’s happening around you, rather than what you see via your mobile device.

The different thoughts and opinions circulated amongst popular social media platforms can also subconsciously seep into our conscious, resulting in a change in energy and balance. Rather than consuming so much external opinions try limiting your use of social media. This may take extra discipline for some.

  1. Update passwords

As we continue to live our lives online cyber security has become fundamental in tech, however so many of us still see it as more of an inconvenience than a necessity. There’s no denying that hackers exist – so why make their jobs easy? Use the New Year to go through your passwords and ensure that they are all up to date and secure. Remember, stay away from the obvious “password123” or “mothersmaidenname” passwords as they are super easy to guess! A tip – think three random words!

Also, use an online password manager to store your passwords so you have them to hand in case you forget, let’s face it we’ve all been there.

  1. Sort and organise your inbox

The dreaded inbox doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Simply switch on your filters and archive or delete all read messages. Your inbox can go from 100 to 0 in minutes. Set aside some time for this as it can have a positive impact your work, and is a great way of becoming more organised and de-cluttered.

  1. Unsubscribe from unnecessary newsletters

One of the main reasons why our inboxes are so clogged up is because we unwittingly subscribe to things and then  forget that we’ve done so! Going through this might sound like a long process but receiving less spam emails will feel like a relief.  The GDPR act which came in to place last year was a nice reminder of just how many emails we are subscribed to – and also a great time to click unsubscribe…

  1. Limit your screen time

Last but not least – limit your screen time! Studies have shown that prolonged screen times can affect anything from our eyes to our wrists…and a whole lot more in between. A 2014 Nielsen report found that adults log a total of 11 hours of screen time a day. Similar to our social media tip, put a cap on this and be disciplined enough to stick to it. For example no tech after 9pm – a great place to start. Replace your screen time with something else and keep a note of noticeable changes.

So there you have it, 5 easy ways to help improve your tech and digital habits for 2019. If you have any other tips comment below.